Xecutives.net publishes an exclusive interview with Gerry Lucca over Projects, Change Processes and stress and burnout prevention. Find the entire inteview (in german) here
Gerry Lucca leads the seminar over crisis in leadership ("Crisis de liderazgo") with entrepreneurs and leaders in Guadalajara.
The topic has a very high attention in Mexico as well. The participants showed high interest, exchanged very openly on their challenges and used the opportunity to discuss potential solutions.

Our coaches follow a continous education process and explore innovative Methods for peronality development.  
Gerry Lucca and Nobile De Falcis experience in the training center "CIFH" in Guadalajara, Mexiko, coaching wiht horses
"Coaching wih horses" is a unique experience. It strengthens the selfconfidence and helps overcome fears.
Our successful graduation at Summer Academy in Bavaria with "Coach Akademie Schweiz" - www.coachakademie.ch
Coach Akademie SchweizOur special thanks to our trainer and coach Dipl. Ing. Hardy Haverland, who provided us during the two intensive training weeks plenty of positive experiences and impressions :-)