Ethical Principles

Our coaches are certified and are committed to the following ethical principles:
  • The coach ensures that after the introductory discussion the client is familiar with the nature of the coaching, so that the framework of the coaching and its expectations can be adjusted. The coach pays special attention that before the actual start of the coaching process all essential terms and conditions are agreed upon.
  • Our certified systemic Coaches and Consultants have learned the Coaching Method and lead the clients professionally and safely through the coaching process. They are committed to regular and continual education and to a process of continuous improvement of their own skills and their personality.
  • Every coach has experienced personally the process and hence works out of practical experience.
  • The coaches execute their work in a respectful, professional and neutral way. The coaching is free of analyses, preconceptions, judgments or appraisals.
  • The coaches act according to laws in effect
  • If based on the coach’s assessment an offer of other specialists could bring value to the client, the coach must indicate to the client in all transparency and honesty offers of specialists in other areas.
  • The coach guarantees full loyalty and confidentiality to the client.