The path to burnout

Signs, feelings and emotions on the path towards burn-out

Something isn’t right anymore and I know it...

Seriously, if I am not feeling right and this has already been lasting for a while, do I really need a test to tell me that something is not right anymore? And does it make a difference for me to know whether my ill feeling now is per definition a life crisis, a chronic stress or falls short of a burnout or depression?

Wait, it will go away...

My body has not stopped sending me signals that something is no longer in synch, that there is a problem and that I should be doing something about it. Actually I know this, but....

To have problems in our society is not cool and does not fit the image of a successful person. What do the others think? That I am week? That I have a burnout and that I am a looser? Me?! And what would happen to my job, my relationship? I do not need to take these signals of my body too seriously. I have a strong mind, I can do it, I have always made it, it will be just fine....

It’s getting worse, I’m going in circles, all by myself...

I am in a difficult situation. The worse I am doing the more I avoid the others. I do not want them to see that I am doing bad. Actually I do not think that anyone could even understand me. My situation is complex and unique. I do not have the choice I have to solve the problem all by myself. As I have been doing all the time.

I realize how I am actually going in circles more and more, how I loose clarity of my thoughts and how I am getting more and more impatient. I permanently feel the stress. It prevents me from having clear thoughts. It is annoying, I am annoyed, the other are annoying as they do not understand me. Even if I were to tell them how bad I am doing, they would not understand me.


Work is chaotic, I have to find a new orientation for myself...

My environment is responsible for my stress. A lot is given by the professional environment. I cannot choose my mangers nor my colleagues nor can I simply change my function in the organisation.

I have already done what is possible. I have actioned some measures to reduce stress, such as clarifying my roles and responsibilities, regulating my working hours and optimizing the communication and escalation processes.

Nice, a first step, but indeed just a drop in the sea. Fundamentally nothing has significantly changed. I am still not doing well and it is still chaotic. The congested feeling has not yet dissipated at all.

There are days I do not want to go to work anymore. I think I have to find a new orientation. Then there are moments where I ask myself whether escaping all this would solve my problems? Is it really just the wrong enterprise I am working for, the wrong job I am in, is it that simple?

And how should it go on with my private life?...

My private life is also full of pressure and stress. I have a family and the expectations are very high. There are always new plans. Nothing has changed.

I do not want to disappoint them. I am strong, I have always been, I will not say anything. And yet I often think whether anyone realises that I am going to hit the wall? It would be nice, if they could read my mind. But then? If they can see behind my facade? Sure they would all be surprised, insecure, worried and probably disappointed. They would be scared and helpless. I would have even more additional problems- Do I really want this?

Of course conflicts arise in such situation. One has to let steam out every now and then, and then it’s preferably at home, rather than in the office. If this goes on like this though, I fear my relationship won’t stand this situation for much longer. I often do not have the energy anymore and am just bound to contemplate how each dispute erodes yet another bit the trust. Should this relationship break I will for sure hit the wall. That would be the end of it.

I have changed whatever I could in my private environment. I have tried to reduce stress with measures such as setting priorities, reduce my engagements, plan off times such as holidays and resting time and I have introduced planning and controlling of my house hold budget.

Yet I have the feeling this is not it, the real problem is not solved yet.

The something is wrong with me

In moments of anxiety, out of mere fear and anger I feel like just pointing the finger and let the other take the blame. But deep in myself, I know this is not fair, not the way to go.

I know something is not right with me. But what is it? Did I not so far manage going through life so greatly with my personality? Why is it not working anymore for me?

Crises are only for others...

OK, things have changed, and I have maybe changed too. I just don’t have the same patience and energy anymore as I used to have. Is it normal for my age? The usual path of life? Does everyone have to go through these phases?

I know crises are normal in life. I have also lived it before, you just tackle them and off you go. I have seen people stuck in crises, not able to come of it. I thought it’s normal, you can always have a weak phase in life. But I thought this was for others only, not for me.

And now here I am in the midst of it, do not see any escape, do not have energy anymore, I can’t tackle it.

You are not alone, we are here for you

If you are anywhere on the above path, do not hesitate, contact us. We understand how you are doing and we can help you. It up to you to react, the earlier you do it, the shorter the way out of your crisis, will be. Way shorter than you believe.