Individual Coaching

Our individual coaching is as it says individual and focuses solely on you and your needs, no matter whether these are of professional of personal natrure. The innovative coaching methods allow you to change your life rapidely and sustainably for the better. The systemic coaching method has been scientifically proven and validated. 

Systemic coaching is value and solution oriented, and is therefore neutral and free of judgements. The method s based on a process with a limited number of session (in general five). The only prerequisite is, that you can engage with the process. You do not need to believe in anything and do not need to teach yourself any tricks or techniques. It's all there.


You are very engaged and a successful professional. You have an extensive social network. Do you happen to enjoy all this less and less? Is it increasingly cumbersome to remain in contact with all your acquaintances?

Find again this vitality and lightheartedness in you. Paramis-Coaching will help you to reactivate this and remove blockages. 


You always have done what you had to do with energy and passion. Is this passion wearing away? Does it not feelt the same as it used to? Is the motivation gone?

The passion is still inside you. Paramis-Coaching will help you to reactivate this and remove blockages.


You are a successful professional. You are reliable. But it does not feel right anymore? Are you just functionning? Everything you do you have a "déjà-vu" effect? Do you need an expansion or a new orientation in your life? Is it time for a change of scenery?

You can increase the awareness of your own identity and gain confidence and clarity for your future endeavours. Paramis-Coaching will help you to reactivate this and remove blockages.

Life Balance and Relationships

You are availabe for and to anyone. Everybody can rely on you. You are always reachable and "No" is not part of you vocabulary. Are you missing out what is essential in your life? Do your relationships suffer for this? And do they drift away in the same pattern over and over again? You cannot distiguish important from non-important matters? 

Find out how you can foster balance in your life and how you can better deal with burdens in your life. Burnout is not just a professional phenomenon. Paramis-Coaching will help you to reactivate this and remove blockages.