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Exclusive interview of Gerry Lucca on

06 April 2016
Exclusive interview of Gerry Lucca on publishes an exclusive interview with Gerry Lucca over Projects, Change Processes and stress and...

Seminar "Leadership in Crisis" in Guadalajara, Mexico

30 November 2015
Seminar "Leadership in Crisis" in Guadalajara, Mexico

Gerry Lucca leads the seminar over crisis in leadership ("Crisis de liderazgo") with entrepreneurs and leaders...

Coaching with horses

14 August 2015
Coaching with horses

Our coaches follow a continous education process and explore innovative Methods for peronality development. &n...

Graduation at "Coach Akademie Schweiz"

20 June 2015
Graduation at "Coach Akademie Schweiz"

Our successful graduation at Summer Academy in Bavaria with "Coach Akademie Schweiz" -

  • Since I took this coaching I am finally feeling more serene and can not be upset that easily. I have found myself and my resources again. I have gained a lot of confidence and selfconfidence. I am glad I took the time to do something for myself and this method was exactly what I needed.

    E.U. (51)


  • I needed help, because I was very stressed, was full of fears and was often blocked when presenting to other people. I am very happy with the result of the coaching and very suprised about how much I could learn and experience about myself. I did not know what all is possible in today. It is amazing how simple processes can actually help. I appreciate the fact that the coaching process is comprehensive within a limited number of session. I always knew where I stood in the process and was always very well lead through the process. Thank you for your help Paramis Coaching!

    R.A (24)


  • At the beginning the thought to walk through the process made me feel curious and cautious at the same time. The more I engaged in the process, the more convincing the method became. I can only recommend this individual coaching. This positive experience allowed me to find the connection to myself again, thank you!

    C.R. (26)

    Brand Manageraris

  • I was facing a fundamental decisions on my carreer and could just not get a handle on my priorities. Paramis Coaching has lead me through a comprehensive and .structured processs in a limited number of sessions What I have learned about myself, helped me setting out my priorities so that they feel right now. Impressively simple and intense at the same time.

    R.E (41)

    now Entrepreneur

  • Following a exhaustion depression I was recommended, beside a psychotherapy, to follow this program. The process has influenced the healing process in a very positive way. I could drop all medication and felt much more at ease on my every day life. The thousand thoughts and worries, which were continously in my mind were put on plate and clearly analyzed. This has given me freedom of thought and a healthy objectivity to face all my duties and tasks. The various units of the process have come together, and have lead me to my inner self. I never thought I would be able to make this connection. The fact that it worked has given me self confidence and confidence for the future. This confidence has strengthen me, my little, pathetic and weakend "Being" has turned into a warrior. I know now that I will win the fight of this "Phase". Even if it was not so easy to face the fears and to see eye to eye with the "Bad" it is an inevitable process to find the "Good". Through my coach I felt always safe, well guided and never alone. I am very happy to have had the chance to get to know myself better. It is amazing what images arise, when you listen into yourself. I am endlessly thankful for this coaching, which has brought me back. -Thank you!

    T.C. (27)


  • Paramis Coaching has been for me an enriching and surprising experience from all points of view. This new approach has allowed me to better grasp my essential values and to analyse and understand events of my past. I feel in better shape and full of energy to actually face my new challenges. Thanks to Paramis Coaching for the guidance over the five sessions!

    P.B. (47)

    Sales Manager